Choosing Natural Sweeteners for Diabetes

If you have diabetes, you should carefully choose foods that you consume, particularly sweet products. You can use some sugar, but it is important to monitor how much carbohydrates you consume per day. If you believe that you exceed your limits often, you should think of using sweeteners for diabetes.

Initial Information about Natural Sweeteners

It is good if you reduce the consumption of sugar by replacing it with natural alternatives, but you should know that some sweeteners like brown sugar, corn syrup, honey and maple syrup have lots of carbs and a high glycemic index as well. That is why you should choose sweeteners that will not increase your blood sugar. We offer you to check out the following two natural sweeteners that may be a great alternative to sugar: agave nectar and stevia.

Agave Nectar

Agave nectar, which is obtained from Agave plant, has been used as a sweetener for years. It was especially popular among the Aztecs. This nectar has the same consistency as honey and comes with a sweet taste. One of the best advantages of agave is that it comes with a lower glycemic index (GI) than honey or sugar, which is about 20-30 (sugar has a GI of 60-65).

21 g of the nectar have 60 calories and 16 g of carbohydrates, and the same amount of sugar contains 64 calories and 16.8 g of carbs. Since the sweetener has a lower glycemic index, it is beneficial for people with diabetes.


Stevia has been used as a sweetener for a long time. The plant grows in South America and has leaves that resemble those of the mint family. Stevia is much sweeter than sugar, which means that you only need to use a little bit of it. You can try to find Truvia, which is a great sugar substitute product containing some Stevia. The product is sold in small packets, each of which contains an equivalent to two teaspoons of sugar. There are no calories in Truvia and only 3 g of carbs per serving (two teaspoons of sugar come with 32 calories and 8.4 g of carbohydrates).

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